Hi, my name is Quisha Baterna and I was born in Manila, Philippines, in 1992.

I haven’t traveled with the pirates, nor have I swum the Pacific Ocean. I haven’t even been to the moon but I have travelled to places, created a lot of still pictures for others and myself. And I’ve made it my life’s purpose to be as creative as possible towards everything I venture.

When I get stranded on a deserted island, I would go nuts without photography and music. I like to write and tell stories through words and pictures. No matter what medium it is, I will find a way to communicate and share my ideas.

I love photography and everything about it so I deeply believe in teamwork and collaboration.

Aside from my creative pursuits, I also like cars and collecting action figures.

Literary Folio:
She Can't Write

Everything is owned by her, from photos to articles, unless otherwise specified.

  1. Hi, guys! If you’re free, kindly drop by our photo exhibit at the 12th floor amphitheater at the DLS-CSB School Of Design and Arts building from December 12-15 2011. The title of our photo exhibit is Curio and it will be a collection of strange and eerie photographs that will focus on themes like extreme phobias and obsessions.

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